Gerry Bednob


Height: 5'6"

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Huh

Weight: Flexible

The 40 Year Old Virgin (Mooj) Universal
Zack and Miri Make a Porno (Mr. Surya) Weinstein Co.
Walk Hard (The Maharishi) Universal
Betting on Baker(Bob)  
Electives(Insurance Guy)  
Four Kings(Gerry) Initiate Productions
Almost Americans  
The Slice(Professor Prakesh) Lone Runner Entertainment
Man Up(Gerry) Kenetic Films
Atticus' Activists(Atticus Lexis) Vestege Media
Paid in Full(Father) Jenesys Group
Courtside(Uncle Brian) Vanishing Angle
Playing It Cool(Cabbie/Gabriel) Voltage Pictures
Garfunkel and Oates(Pavel) Abominable Pictures
Going Very Badly(Jerome)  
Community Service(Sammy) Bullz Eye Productions
Playing House(Mr. Najiani) American Work
The Knight Crew(Raj) Wingate Pictures
Honey 2 (Mr. Kapoor) Universal
Five -Year Engagement (Pakistani Chef) Universal
Politics of Love (Vijay Gupta) Nuclear Mango Studios
Furry Vengeance (Mr. Gupta) Universal
Witless Protection FX
Wilfred (Mr. Patel) (TV) Indie
The Lie (Radko) Indie
The Rise and Fall of John Tesoro (John Tesoro) Indie
Rock Jocks (Tom) Indie
Friday After Next (Moly’s Dad) Indie
White T (Habu) Disney
Encino Man (Kashmi) Indie
Lizzie (Jared) Indie
Love and Germophobia (short) VH1
Free Radio (Bling Bling Shelton) Indie
Crash and Burn (Benni Benchod) Tri Destined Independent
Why Am I Doing This? (Mr. Ajay) Indie
Man-Up (Gerry) Indie
Falling Up (Cabbie) Universal
Shades of Ray(Naseem Khaliq) Indie
Lonely Street (Bongo) Vision Storm
Touch Wood (Mr. Moto’s Dad) Indie
Brutal Massacre: A Comedy Indie
Kissing Cousins Indie
Americanizing Shelley (Priest Singh) ABC
George Lopez (Mr. Gidwani) ABC
Avatar (Holy Man - T V) Nickelodeon
Jake in Progress (TV Pilot) Fox
Undeclared(TV -Mr. Burundi)) NBC
Mad About You (Cabbie) Indie
Don’t Quit Your Day Job Universal
Monkey Trouble (Mr. Rao) NBC
Seinfeld( Babu’s Friend) NBC
The Wonder Years ABC
Dream On HBO
Sibs Indie
Nic and Tristan go Mega Dega (Genie) Indie
A Guy Walks Into a Bar(TV Series) Indie
Comics Unleashed (Stand up act) NBC
Legally Brown (Stand Up Comedy) Showtime
Hawaii Laff Off (Stand Up Comedy) Showtime
Paid in Full Indie
Dysfunktion Indie